August 06, 2019 at 11:01am | Mike Ewen

When preparing your home for sale personal experience and buyers feedback of homes we have sold gives us insight. Nothing has taught us more than our own experience of selling our home this year. Like many of our clients, we wanted to sell and buy a home simultaneously. This means that all the stars have to align. Here is a video in preparing your home for sale.

Curb Appeal

When trying to sell a home, make sure the home has some curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint goes really far. Many homes here are ten to fifteen years old and the paint has worn away to almost nothing. You also want to trim up the trees and bushes. Fixing any bare spots whether its with grass or rocks in the case of desert landscaping. This will all tie together nicely to give the home a great look. The drawback of not doing this is the risk of the buyers driving by telling their Realtor “next!” The reason being if the outside looks unkempt, you can bet dollars to doughnuts the inside will follow suit.

Inside the Home

Rule number one for a home for sale is to avoid all the clutter. Of course all of the furniture looks amazing. The truth being told, less is more inside the home. A few pieces of accent furniture will help the home look staged. It will look much bigger than if its crammed packed with stuff. Rent a storage locker if there is no space available but trust us, its money well spent.
Here is a rundown of each of the rooms. All personal pictures and posters should be removed from the walls. Remember, the buyers are trying to envision themselves living in that home. Thats hard to do if there are 100 pictures of your family all over the house. In the kitchen, remove almost everything from the counter tops and scrub them clean. You’ll also want to remove all the magnets and pictures from the refrigerator. All dishes should be put away in the cabinets and nothing left in the sink. Touching up the cabinets with pledge also gives the kitchen a super clean look and smell.


All bedrooms should also have all of excess items and toys stored they will not need for a month or so. Closets should also be cleaned out with only the essential items remaining with everything hanging and folded neatly. Most of the posters should also be taken down. Bathrooms must be scrubbed from top to bottom including the floor and accented with clean linen. The living room and dining room should have all books, magazines and excess items put away so it looks clean.
The backyard will look much better by cleaning it out and getting rid of all the items being stored back there. The same rule applies to the backyard as far as trimming everything up and mowing the lawn. As far as pets go when selling a home, please make sure the area is constantly free of their leftovers. Nothing turns buyers off worse than seeing a pile your animals stuff right there while they are envisioning relaxing out there.
Finally, steam cleaning your carpets, cleaning the grout and tile and dusting the entire house will make sure it smells and looks fabulous and you should have no problem selling your home. After that hard work, have professional photo's taken to show off that beautiful home. We are always available for assistance so if you may be interested in selling your home please give the Ewen Real Estate Team a call today (623) 826-4707.


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